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18 Jun

Continuing Health Care (CHC) Funding

For many of TCC’s clients Continuing Health Care (CHC) funding is a key component in paying for specialist services enabling them to live at home.  There is a worrying climate in which the NHS has set a target of a 25% reduction in CHC funding over the next three years.  In real terms that equates to just a saving over 850 million pounds a year.  That is a lot of care.

It is not as if there will be less people living with complex health care needs in three year’s time.  In fact quite the opposite.  TCC are committed to working with others, such as the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA), to oppose these cuts.  It is essential that any aspect of assessment or review (part of Decision Support Tool – DST process) is recognised for being a key part by which these funding decisions are reached.  TCC would always strongly recommend the usage of an advocate, and recent guidance cements the right of individuals to have expert opinion inputted into the process.

If there is any uncertainty at all please speak to your manager in the first instance.

Reg Perrins – Commercial Director