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05 Jun

It’s a Plastic World We Live In – Make a Difference

As today is #WorldEnvironmentDay, here is a reminder of Carole’s article that featured in the TCC Newsletter earlier this year.

Hopefully you are not tired of reading, watching or hearing about the impact of our excessive use of plastic on the environment, whether it be bags, containers for food or microbeads in our toiletries, because I want to mention it again.

“The manufacture of plastic, as well as its destruction by incineration pollutes air, land and water and exposes workers to toxic chemicals, including carcinogens. Plastic packing – especially the plastic bag, is a significant source of landfill waster and is regularly eaten by numerous marine and land animals, to fatal consequences. Synthetic plastic does not biodegrade, is just sits and accumulates in landfills or pollutes the environment” from Life without plastic

My ability to avoid unnecessary packaging often proves difficult – take my guilty pleasure of yoghurt, 4 pots not only come in plastic containers, they are also wrapped in unnecessary cardboard. Grapes can only be purchased in plastic containers from all leading supermarkets, enclosed in more plastic. I know I should make an effort to purchase from a fruit and veg stall where plastic is not necessary, but this is not always possible due to distance and location, although I must make more of an effort.

So my contribution going forward to reduce this devastating effect on the world is to manufacture my own bags that will live with my already purchased bags for life and I will endeavour to purchase loose items of fruit and veg (with my sewing skills, I am sure they won’t be looking as presentable as the ones shown above, but I don’t think the potatoes will mind). I realise that this is a mere drop in the bucket, but if we all contribute with a drop, our eventual buckets full will hopefully have some positive effect on the environment that we are leaving for future generations.

Other ways to help our environment:

1. Use reusable bags
2. Use a reusable water bottle
3. Use a reusable coffee cup
4. Use reusable produce bags
5. Reduce food wastage
6. Visit your local farmers market or Fruit and Veg shop
7. Make use of non-plastic straws (I know this is difficult as current environment friendly ones end up going soggy or do not bend)

Change just one habit and help make a difference.

Carole Preston—Clinical Nurse


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