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21 Dec

TCC Thank You to Staff

TCC Thankyou


It’s not always easy and not always fun

And we thank you so much for being the one

That continues to show how committed you are

Supporting our clients near and far


We know there are days and nights, hard and long

And what we ask of you can sometimes seem wrong

On you they rely for most parts of their living

And you make that happen by being so giving


Doing extra shifts here and there, lots in a row

But for your clients its better they know

The person on shift, who they know and trust

I am sure you will agree that is a must


So when the rota comes out and you look and say

Oh no I have to work on Christmas day

Just think for a moment, remember and care

Their choice has been taken, they need you there


So be proud of your selves and the great work you do

And we would all like to say a massive “Thank you”

There are way too many of you to name

But without your help TCC would not be the same


You have two hands,

One to help yourself,

One to help others


Merry Christmas

Jules Merritt – Operations Manager