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17 Mar

Welcome to Martin –

    Martin pic - C1 complete Spinal Injury

Hi my name is Martin Payne. Before telling you a bit about myself, I would like to introduce myself as associate blogger working alongside Michelle.

A bit about myself

I grew up in quiet a big family. I have two sisters, I was the middle child always up to no good they used to say. We lived in West Sussex for many of years until I moved to Hampshire, and this is when I started Banger Racing as a hobby.  I had been going to watch the sport since I was quite young, and had always wanted to get in a car and give it a go. As I knew a few people doing the sport already, I built a car and got the bug for it and wanted to race again and again so I did!

martin bangor 2           martin bangor


Hence how I am now a TCC client with a C1 complete Spinal Injury.

I was in hospital for just over 2 years doing my rehab before I was discharged. I moved back to West Sussex in a purpose built flat which was only temporary until a more suitable place was found. After 7 years we had found beautiful adapted bungalow so we were on the move.


Martin bunglaow         Martin garden

3 years on brings me to where we are now; I still love Banger Racing and am always in the shed with my Dad tinkering with motors.

I aim to bring weekly blogs to the TCC Facebook page and website about a range of different things like Accessible Vehicles, Holidays for the Disabled, Research in Spinal & Neurological Conditions, Sports, Events that may be of interest and much more.

That’s all for now until next week’s blog. Don’t forget to Like & Share

Thank you, Martin